Bon-fire Cast Iron Assortment

Suitable for both fire kitchens and grills

The Bon-fire Cast iron range includes products for fire kitchens and grills. In addition to being especially designed for the Bon-fire Kitchen, the cast iron cookware are perfect for use on gas- and charcoal grills.

There are many benefits to cast iron products; with cast iron products you achieve an even heat distribution as well as a continous long lasting heat. This means that a Bon-fire Dutch Oven og Bon-fire Saucepan are extra perfect for slow cooking and at the same time energy saving.

However, the products are also very good for “fast grilling”, as cast iron products can tolerate very high temperatures.


Cleaning Your Bon-fire Cast Iron

It is also important to note, that cast iron products should under no circumstances be washed in the dishwasher. The material will dry out and the great qualities of the cast iron product will quickly degrade.

The cast iron products are quite easy to clean; simply wash them in hot water immediately after use and season them in vegetable oil, E.g. Canola oil. This way, your Bon-fire pan, skillet, Dutch Oven etc. are absolutely perfect and ready for next time you want to cook.

Many combinations possible!

Where to buy?

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