Bon-fire Cast Iron News 2019

Cast Iron Grill Grid

In 2019 we present a new Bon-fire Grill grid with diamond cut. Made of durable cast iron and with a diameter of 54 cm. The cast iron grill grid comes with two handles which make it easy to move around.

Place the Bon-fire Grill grid in cast iron on top of some rocks around the campfire. Or use the cast iron grill grid in combination with the Bon-fire mobile kitchen set. Just hang the cast iron grill grid from the Bon-fire Tripod and you are good to go!

Since the grill grid is made of cast iron, it is especially good for preparing steaks and vegetables with sharp, well-defined sear marks.


The Perfect Grilling Result

The usual stainless steel grill grids have the disadvantage that the grease slides off, so that the steak is not grilled, but instead roasted and often burnt. Cast iron grill grids on the contrary have the advantage that the countless small pores of the cast iron take up the fat and flavors from the meat. This gives a perfect result, that the meat is grilled in its own fat. Therefore, the new Bon-four cast iron grill grid is great for grilling different kinds of meat and the benefits only increase over time.


Where to buy?

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