Bon-fire Kitchen Assortment

Cooking and fun for everyone in the family

Bon-fire kitchen is a series of products for cooking over an open fire. The Bon-fire kitchen consists of a Bon-fire Tripod, which you place above the campfire or above a brazier. Using the chains, the Bon-fire Grill grid, Bon-fire Pot or anyone else of the many Bon-fire products hang from the tripod above the fire. This way you are able to cook, as if it were in an indoor kitchen – but simply out in the fresh air, under the open sky and inevitably with much more fun factor. Both before, during and after cooking the whole family can join in.


Bon-fire products – for outdoor life

The Bon-fire kitchen are durable, high-quality products designed for outdoor life, providing many years of cooking joy. The Bon-fire kitchen offers all the essentials for cooking outdoors.


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