Bon-fire Kitchen News 2019

Two new Bon-fire braziers

For the 2019 season, we present two brand new steel braziers – in sizes Ø70 cm and Ø80 cm. Used separately or in combination with our Tripod and the rest of the Bon-fire products. The Bon-fire Tripod fits right into the brazier’s feet and provides excellent stability for the Bon-fire kitchen. It’s as easy and practical as that!


Bon-fire every day, all year

Fire in a brazier can be used throughout the year. It’s wonderful in the springtime and during the bright summer nights – but winter is also a perfect time to light a fire in your Bon-fire brazier.

Bon-fire has designed different kinds of braziers, with both short and long legs, so that the brazier allows for a bonfire in the correct hight for your kind of cooking. Whether you want to roast sausages or marshmallows or make twist bread using the Bon-fire Twist Bread Stick, you can, thanks to the special designed Bon-fire products and the new Bon-fire Brazier “2019”. And in combination with Bon-fire’s Tripod or Basic Set, you actually have a complete outdoor kitchen at your fingertips.


Where to buy?

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