Bon-fire Kitchen

Bon-fire – for both children and grown-ups

Bon-fire is for both family and friends – for children and grown-ups. With the Bon-fire kitchen, you have the opportunity to cook delicious food in a different way.

At home on the patio, on the beach, on picnics – anywhere. It’s nice and easy, –  and with a Bon-fire you can cook and fry at the same time. Grill the steaks on the grill grid, while the potatoes boil in the stew pot. Or fry sausages on the barbecue pan while the kids make breads on sticks over the fire. Finish the evening with a nice and warm cup of coffee or tea – prepared in the Bon-fire coffee/tea pot of course. All while you watch the sun go down.


Bon-fire all year round

Fire is heat. Fire is Bon-fire cooking. Fire is light and live coal. From ancient times, fire has been an important part of human life. Fire meant heat and power. It meant warm meals. And fire creates a bright and warm centre in our lives.  At Bon-fire we love bonfires all year round – it’s so nice to gather around a bonfire in the early spring and on bright summer evenings with friends and family, but it’s equally as cosy and rewarding to warm yourself at a bonfire in wintertime.

It’s important to have a suitable campfire site – buy it or build it yourself. Bon-fire has several different braziers and they provide a perfect base for the Bon-fire kitchen and a campfire. It can be fatal for you as well as others to light a fire in the wrong place during a dry period. If you want to set up your Bon-fire in the woods or on a camping site, use one of the places that have been specially laid out for campfire sites or ask your local forestry officer or camp manager about possible campfire sites.