With the Bon-fire mobile kitchen you can make delicious food in a new and exciting way. At home on the patio, at the lake house, on the beach, in the woods or anywhere else you might want to go for a camping trip or picnic. It’s super easy and great fun for everyone.

The Bon-fire mobile kitchen allows you to grill, fry and boil at the same time. Grill steak, fish and veggies using the grill grid all while the potatoes simmer in the Bon-fire stew pot. Or use the Bon-fire BBQ pan to cook a tasty paella and let the kids make twistbread at the same time. The possibilities are endless with the Bon-fire mobile kitchen. That’s also why we have developed recipes and how-to-videos for you to be inspired by. Enjoy!

Bonfire Backyard Cheeseburgers

Grill up the ultimate juicy, melty cheeseburgers all summer long! A cheeseburger is always a popular dish – both kids and grown-ups love a good cheeseburger.

With the Bon-fire mobile kitchen you can of course cook up everything you need to make the perfect cheeseburger. Use the Bon-fire grill grid and half BBQ pan on the tripod and grill steaks, bacon, cheese and greens – all the good stuff that makes the burger a hit.

Bon-fire Campfire S'mores

Make S’mores by the campfire with us. Bon-fire takes you into the wild for a fun and enjoyable day with the Bon-fire mobile kitchen. Marshmallows are roasted over the fire until they’re gooey. Then crackers with pieces of a chocolate candy bar are used to sandwich the gooey roasted marshmallow and voilà: S’mores!

This sweet, warm, gooey and delicious treat always leaves kids wanting more. In fact, that’s probably how they got their name. S’more is thought to be a contraction of the phrase, “some more,” as in “I want some more of those s’mores!”

And when you’re at it, make those poppin popcorn over the campfire that humans have been enjoying for thousands of years. It’s so easy when you use the Bon-fire Poptop!

Bon-fire Jambalaya

Although every family has its own recipe for jambalaya, there are two main categories: Cajun and Creole. The difference lies in the order in which the ingredients are cooked and the use of tomatoes. Creole jambalaya, which is also sometimes known as “red jambalaya,” includes tomatoes.

Bon-fire Jambalaya is a mix of all the traditional ingredients – of course cooked in a Bon-fire stew pot over a campfire.

Bon-fire Assembly

Setting up the Bon-fire mobile kitchen is pretty easy. However, here is a short video showing how the mobile kitchen is easily assembled and fitted. Note that you can also get smart bags for transport and storage for your Bon-fire mobile kitchen and matching grill accessories, plus a practical foldable dustbin with earth skewer, making it easy to clean up after the meal in the wild.

Bonfire Risotto

Risotto is a well-known Italian dish consisting of rice cooked in bouillon with vegetables added. Here you have the Bon-fire risotto with onion and mushroom which is cooked using the Bon-fire Half BBQ pan. The risotto is served with grilled tiger prawns on skewers. The tiger prawns are easily grilled on the grill grid next to the half BBQ pan with rice and vegetables simmering. Both can be hung from the Bon-fire Tripod above the fire. Easy, smart and effective!

Bon-fire Mobile Kitchen

The first video ever where Bon-fire is presented. Here’s all the great things the Bon-fire Mobile Kitchen has to offer – including cozy get-togethers for family and friends.