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With stainless steel worktop plate for food preparation and serving.

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Cast Iron

For grills and fire kitchens. Everything you need for your outdoor kitchen.

Cast Iron

The mobile Bon-fire kitchen

With the Bon-fire kitchen, you have the opportunity to cook delicious food in a different way. Plus, a Bon-fire kitchen is for the entire family – Mom and Dad can develop new delicious meals – and the kids will definitely want to help.

Bon-fire Kitchen

Bon-fire Inspiration

Food on fire inspiration

With the Bon-fire outdoor Kitchen, you have lots of possibilities to prepare all kinds of delicious food in a new and exciting way. At home on the patio, in your summer cottage, on the beach, in the forest, well, anywhere outdoors actually. It’s easy and fun and everyone can join.

Bon-fire Inspiration

Bon-fire on YOUTUBE

Find lots of inspiration for use of your Bon-fire Kitchen and cooking outdoors – just go to our Youtube channel!

Bon-fire Youtube channel