Tips & Tricks

How do I set up the Bon-fire Tripod? How can you grill, fry and boil at the same time, and how can we regulate the heat under the Bon-fire mobile kitchen?

Here we have gathered tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Bon-fire mobile kitchen, so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

In addition to tips & tricks, see our recipes for bonfire cooking – there are dishes for both children and adults.

Bon-fire Stew Pot - slide the lid on and off!

Slide the enamel lid on and off the Bon-fire Stew Pot, 6L, 8L and 15L. This construction ensures that the lid stays secure on the stew pot.

Bon-fire Mobile Kitchen Assembly

The Bon-fire Tripod must be assembled before it can be set up over the campfire. The Folding Dustbin must be unfolded and fixed to the ground using the earth skewer. Just like that, the  Stew pot, Grill grid and BBQ pan should be hung from the tripod and then you’re ready to go. It’s easy to transport and store the Bon-fire products when they can be partially disassembled and put into the matching bags.

Bon-fire Stew Pot - Hang Up The Lid!

What do you do with the lid to the Bon-fire Stew Pot, when you want to stir the soup or check if the potatoes are done?

You simply hang up the lid on top of the Bon-fire Tripod! That’s what the top stick is designed for. When you hang up the lid, both of your hands are free and you don’t risk the lid getting dirty from the ground either.

Bon-fire Mobile Kitchen: How To Regulate The Heat

By using the suspension chains, the heat is easily regulated under the grill grid, stew pot, BBQ pan etc. Simply move the cookware closer or further away from the heat of the fire by changing the length of the chains.