Hammocks Make You Happy

“Hammocks make you happy” – The AMAZONAS motto which the AMAZONAS team has worked for every day for more than 20 years now. The company was founded in 1995 and they literally give the customers the fabric dreams are made of.


Wide Range of High Quality Products

Since the beginning AMAZONAS has stood for outstanding quality in the field of original Brazilian cotton hammocks.
Along with its core segment of cotton hammocks and hanging chairs, the AMAZONAS umbrella brand also includes its own babies’ and toddlers’ line: the AMAZONAS BABY WORLD, with a wide range of baby hammocks, carrying systems, children’s hanging chairs and baby hammock frames.

In addition the company also provides an outdoor line: the AMAZONAS ULTRA-LIGHT, with extra-lightweight hammocks and accessories for survival experts and leisure adventurers.

Today AMAZONAS counts among the leading hammock makers of the world. The brand is represented in over 40 countries worldwide, and has established itself as Germany’s leading wholesaler of hammocks, frames and accessories.

Hammocks originated in Latin America

According to AMAZONAS website, hammocks originated in Latin America, where the Maya people produced the first hammocks over 1,000 years ago and even today hammocks are used for sleeping in many parts of South America. In other parts of the world, the hammock is used for leisure in homes and gardens and as sleeping accomodation when camping and on other outdoor trips. More than 100 million people use a hammock regularly for relaxation and sleeping. So the hammock goes way back through times and is a big part of everyday life to this day and modern age of time.


Responsible production

Even the more reason for AMAZONAS to take great responsibility for production of their wide high quality product range. The company has its own production site in the northeast of Brazil, which is the hammock-making centre of the whole of South America. Alongside the AMAZONAS purchasing office in Shanghai works to ensure the high quality of the company’s Ultra-Light range, conducting direct quality checks in the course of production. AMAZONAS’ partner manufacturing firm in Poland produces all AMAZONAS frames from sustainably managed woodlands as AMAZONAS uses FSC-certified wood from responsibly managed, European forestries for its products.

AMAZONAS also has its own test site; whenever they develop a new product, or even just make a few changes to an existing one, they always thoroughly check every single frame, rope and hook under high loads.

The AMAZONAS hammocks are kind to the environment, because they are woven from recycled yarns. The EllTex (ExtraLongLastingTEXtile), used for many of the products, is UV-resistant, Weather-resistant, has High load capacity and is as soft as cotton at the same time. Amazonas also makes use of Agora fabrics; the ideal material for indoor and outdoor furniture. Agora-fabrics are solution-dyed acrylic materials which are extremely durable and dirt-resistant.

To make the most effective use of its resources AMAZONAS looks to avoid unnecessary packaging and has high focus on developing the best and most efficient packaging for every product. But AMAZONAS also takes part in the Dual System / ‘Interseroh’ industry solution.
Interseroh is one of the leading recycling and environmental service providers in Germany. With its help AMAZONAS recycles its packaging material, thus making an active contribution to cutting CO2 emissions.

So just sit back and relax in one of AMAZONAS’ hammocks or hang chairs with good conscience and a complete peace of mind.

Bon-fire ApS has been selling AMAZONAS products in Scandinavia since 2008, and from the very beginning, the products have been a success in the Nordic countries. See also Bon-fire’s other agencies.